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Mehfil Mahal
Mehfil Mahal is a beautiful ball room on the first level with a capacity of 500 people. Fit for private functions, conference, ceremonies and events. This can be combined with the lunch or dinner

Baithak Hall
It's a private board or meeting room with finest Mariner furniture from spain it has a adjoining business centre which can be used for a office cum secretarial space it has a complete audio visual facility and video conferencing facilities can also be arranged .

Manoranjan is a full fledged hi tech theatre with a seating capacity of up to 40 people, situated at the lobby level. You can make a dynamic impression and put your point across to your clients, associates and guests with your own private screening at the Manoranjan.. It puts at your disposal the very latest audiovisual equipments including 2000 Lumen LCD projectors, multi-system televisions and video viewing, recorders along with trained operators to handle your presentations effectively.

The added advantage you get with the Manoranjan is the adjoining Manoranjan Bar.

. Swapna Mahal

Formal receptions remained the focal activity of courtly life during the British period. Hence the Thakur Sahib made The Swapna Mahal imitating the great houses of the British and French nobility, this hall is completely fitted out with European furniture, chandeliers, mirrors, curtains and a crockery collections. The Swapna Mahal means the palace of Dreams. The double height celing has breathtaking majestic crystal chandeliers and panels of silk curtains will take you to the dream world.

The Swapna Mahal is the multi cuisine restaurant of The Raj Palace. The setting of dining hall conjures up images of its fantastic past and every meal is tribute to royalty. Every chair and table of the restaurant is so elegantly designed which will give you the feeling of the princely state and Maharaja's.

Our crockery museum inside the restaurant will take you to the history and will show you the crockery used in 17th and 18th Century

The venue is perfect for regular dining of the staying guest and also it's a big attraction for the famous Royal Thali service of The Raj Palace

. Shikarbadi

Royal in the 19th and 20th centuries gave particular emphasis to the pursuit of pleasure and comfort. Palaces created special pavilions for European visitors these were none other than pleasure pavilions, designed purposely for recreation and pleasure, with facilities for sports and games, including Hunting Bars.

Shikarbadi as this pavilion was popularly known, is adorned with rare artifacts, Trophies, Memorabilia's and leather upholstered furniture from the west, it creates a dramatic old world charm. To demonstrate regal command over the elements of water and earth the Royals were fond of Hunting tigers and wild animals as a symbol of being most powerful.

This bar has a relaxed charm and was used by Thakur sahib with his close friends to get together, The great hunting plans and experiences were discussed here finest Wines made in the Palace own distillery were served along with Bar be que preparations of the game meats during these Durbars .Today In the finest tradition of Rajput hospitality, the shikarbadi offers its guests a taste of royal living - a luxury and extravagance that was once the sole preserve of the kings The magic spun by such an ambience blended with the choicest wines, spirits and liquors can only be experienced, not explained as the best of Royalty and dignitaries over the centuries have been served here.