The historical rooms were lived by the Royal Dignitaries of other Thikanas, other wives of Thakur Sahib and wife of Crowned prince and other senior members of The Royal Family, these suites have best view with large area and are laid with finest Italian Marble the bathrooms have the latest design and technology and are laid in finest Italian marble, the original old Royal antique furniture is used in most of these suites and they have a private museum with valuable collections of the Royal Family.

The heritage Rooms are restored and refurnished, few of them offer private museums of the Art collection of the Royal family. The bathrooms are laid in Italian marble and offer the best modern facilities and designer fittings. The rich palace furniture along with special fabrics and colors add the princely charm to the whole setting of the room. Each room has its own soul, its own individual harmony a marriage of the finest material, rare woods, silk, brocades, furniture and artefacts created by master’s craftsman. The royal guests and the junior members of the royal family had lived in these rooms.

While there are many objective reasons to prefer The Raj Palace, there are others that can only be experienced never explained. The Raj Palace has 38 Rooms / Suites overlooking towards Gardens, Chandani Chowk (Courtyard), and the pool. Each suite / room is unique and each seems still to breathe the spirit of illustrious guests who once stayed here.

In the very heart of Jaipur, you too will discover the serenity and relaxation of a world where elegance is first and foremost…The rooms are equipped with most modern facilities required by the discerning modern traveller.