In the 18th Century, the Thakur Sahib has got the first Gramophone (popularly known as CHURI WALA BAAZA), the public from the all the connecting villages and Thikanas came to the haveli to see that Baaza and it was a grand occasion in the evening, later the Churi wala Baaza was converted into the Radio and then the television. Manoranjan, the hi tech digital potential place for the canvas moving pictures and their perfect melodrama. The cozy home theatre entertains with a big collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies with subtitles in various European languages. The theatre has a big space for luxury push back chairs with fold write pads. It is designed with Acoustics innovations and has state of art technology and latest 2000 Lumen LCD Projector.

Marionette Show

Rajasthan is famous for the shows of Marionette, the hotel have the artist who are performing their show during the time Raj Singh ji and other Thakur sahib’s of the royal family. The show has become a necessary part after the meals. 

Baggi Safari

In olden times the royals used to go on Royal Baggi driven by four white horses for the entertainment or to the lakes during summers. We have continued the same tradition where we give Royal Baggi Safari to our guest from the hotel to the beautiful JAL MAHAL (Mansagar Lake) where they can relax for some time and can take pictures of the palace that is situated inside the Mansagar lake.

Folk Dance 

Varities of Folk Dances can be seen and enjoyed at The Raj Palace. These dance forms have evolved over the centuries in the heart of India's desert land. The Folk Dances are a way of expressing happiness in it's true form. These folk dances interwoven with the traditions, festivals and fairs form an important part of Rajasthan's culture.You can be a part of it and experience the traditional culture of dancing at The Raj Palace.