Open Courtyard pool with fanciful designs blending with the palace which were also purposed to built bathhouses, known in India - as elsewhere in the Islamic world - as Hamam, where hot water and steam were available. Here the emperor and his immediate entourage could retreat for invigorating baths, massages and cures to relieve the discomfort of heat or cold, and where they could relax and enjoy private discussions. Women of the court had their own Hamam, strictly segregated from those of the men, for both ritual ablution and luxury bathing. 

The courtyard pool was the favourite retreat of royals who spent many hours relaxing in the blue waters. Its is surrounded by several beautiful arches, various pieces of sculptures and beautiful fountains.

Today the weather-controlled pool and a courtyard provide a private sanctuary for guests to unwind, read or sunbathe. The Raj Palace also offers you a fitness center for both ladies and men equipped with Sauna, Steam Bath, Masseuse and a Jacuzzi.