The Persian doctor was called the Hakim as at that time this was the most documented and practiced form of medicine. Every palace had its official Hakim who was supposed to take care of the health of the Royal family. These doctors relied on more of natural therapies and herbs and in fact these therapies and treatments have taken the shape of the modern spa.

According to the (Thesaurus of Oriental Medicine and Ayurveda) Gold and Silver has a virtue of medicine in following area- To freshen mind and enhance spirit and energy & to counteract the poisonous effect of effete and protect our five viscera

Gold possesses a high degree of resistance to bacterial colonisation. An interesting medical product being used since time immemorial is gold jewellery. Gold compounds could be an effective cancer treatment in the future. The Gold Spa freshens the mind and enhances the spirit and energy simultaneously improves the blood circulation. The Silver Spa is good for cutting off electromagnetic waves, radiating far infrared rays, and produces strong sterilization effect and infection resistance as well as fungus resistance effect. 

The Raj Palace creates the first Gold Spa in the world after an extensive research for more than 9 years with the help of best Spa consultants, Ayurvedic Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and modern Allopathic doctors, and it was concluded with the consensus of all of them that Gold and Silver have the best natural curative properties without any side effects known by human being till date and this can be traced back to the oldest civilization