Royal Private Dining is the special theme Dinner of The Raj Palace where the guest are accorded with a Gala Welcome.
In Welcome event the guest are received at the hotel gate with saluting Guards, from here they escorted to the reception gate where loud drum and trumpet are played to announce their arrival with dancing Bhopa. The guests are further honored by applying Tikka (A special maroon color round mark applied with a finger in the center of forehead it is the biggest symbol of honor in Hindu custom), A Jhilmil aarti is performed ( a pyramid of small lit oil lamps is shown. As per the ancient Indian Vedas fire is a mark of time as the image due to light stays for ever and the guests are garlanded with fresh flowers garland
The guests then enter the main palace to be further individually escorted under the royal umbrella along with dancing ladies and musicians to their seating venue where they are served with special welcome drink

A Exclusive venue will be given to them for their private seating in a Royal Tent and for the dance show
The guests are served snacks during the folk entertainment program. The lavish Maharajah Thali dinner is preceded with a folk dance program during which the best of artists who have performed internationally display their art and skills. After the entertainment guests are served Tea and coffee and finally a royal see off is accorded