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Historical Suites

Private Quarter of the Prince, Princesses and other Royal guests.

The historical suites have been recently restored with finest bathroom facilities designed by the best architects from Italy and France . The rooms that have been the original residences of the royals for more then 13 generations till date are large in area and are theme suites living the soul of the members who once used them they have private in room museums .

It is said that the Rajput Princess's used to be the extremely beautiful females in the whole world and that is why they were kept in Purdah's. Also their rooms were decorated with the world's most expensive cosmetics and colorful Jewellery. One of the suites Sringar Mahal is fashioned in colorful style with a museum of the princess's Jewellery, her bangles, Jootis, Bindis and lots of other cosmetics and colorful items used by her during her young age. The furniture was brought for her from the state of Gujarat that has fanciful designs on the bed and the alimirah.

Whereas the Price were trained in Prowess and charity and had to be great warriors one day and one of the suites Yoddha Mahal which used the original Shield, arrows as head rest decoration of the Bed, and war helmets as bed side lamps . The suite houses the museum showcasing original attire made with Gold and silver worn by the prince in 18 th Century.

All the Historical suites have different themes of interior and they offer the best luxury standards expected by to days traveller.