» Presidential Suites

Maharajah's Pavilion
This Presidential suite of the Palace has a area of 16000 square feet making it one of the biggest suites in ASIA it is a four floor apartment with a private entrance through the Charbagh and the victory corridor.
The entrance leads you to your private secretarial and an extra luggage storage Room, from here the guest Enters the Diwan E Khaas ( A hall for private audience ) a huge private lavishly furnished luxurious seating Lounge with a bar this used to be the place where Maharaja used to meet his close friends and dignitaries. This lounge overlooks the Charbagh gardens on one side and inner Palace courtyard on the other side, from inside the lounge the other three floors of the suite are connected through a private gold panelled elevator the total area of the suite is 16000 square feet and has four bedrooms.
The First floor of this pavilion is a double-height reception room with vaulted apartments intended for private use. It was a sleeping chamber for the Maharaja and its luxurious ornamentation includes Gold leafed painted walls, Stucco and mirror work. The furniture is in gold and silver. It has a private staircase connecting the different floor of the pavilions. (The Highlight of the Suite is a private museum displaying the Old Throne and Bolsters of The Ruler )
The Second Floor of the pavilion has got the Library with a lavish Dining room connected to a Private kitchen and second accommodation room.
The Third floor of the pavilion was the pleasure pavilion in past and now has a private roof top Terrace with panoramic view of the city and a Jacuzzi. Swimming pool, this spacious part of the pavilion has large soft seating lounge with state of the art home theatre experience, a private spa adjoining the pleasure pavilion. The bedroom is laid with rich ivory and gold furniture and two luxurious bathrooms .