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The Raj Palace Suites are very large in area starting from 50 sq mtrs onwards they are elegantly restored and most look onto the gardens or the majestic courtyard. Some have view over the rooftop of the Jaipur and various forts and palaces and most of these suites have been the personal chambers of the members of the royal family. The beautiful and sumptuous décor with most Rajasthan arts like mirror work, hand painting with gold and silver ornamentations, stucco fine expression in these suites, they boast of private museums, housing collections of the Royal family . The historical suites present a welcoming ambience with Italian marble floors, exquisite Rajasthani artwork and sheer fabrics, which enable crisp sunlight to enhance the beauty of each room. spacious bathroom make these suites ideal for the discerning leisure traveller. Each suites has its own soul, its own individual harmony a marriage of the finest material, rare woods, silk, brocades, furniture and artefacts created by masters craftsman and signature by Royals.

Historical Suites
Private Quarter of the Princess.

It is said that the Rajput Princess’s used to be the extremely beautiful females in the whole world and that is why they were kept in Purdah’s. Also their rooms were decorated with the world’s most expensive cosmetics and colorful Jewellery.

The Shringaar Mahal room is fashioned in colorful style with a museum of the princess’s Jewellery, her bangles, Jootis, Bindis and lots of other cosmetics and colorful items used by her during her young age. The furniture was brought for her from the state of Gujarat that has fanciful designs on the bed and the alimirah.

The bedroom has one large bed with exquisite Indian furniture and beautiful Gujarat Marionette’s on the walls. The Highlight of the Suite is a private museum displaying the Old Bangles, chunnis, Jootis and bags used by the princess of Royal Family.

Prestige Suites
Prestige suites embodying the very essence of The Raj Palace where 17th century panelling echoes allegorical ceilings, old masters antique furniture and of course the priceless museums displaying the collections of the Thakur and Thakurani Sahiba. The preserved and restored Raj Mahal, Swarna Mahal, Khaas Mahal Suite and others were part of the personal chambers of the royal family.

They are carefully restored with period furniture and large windows overlooking the Charbagh or Maharani bagh gardens, the prestige Suite provides a glimpse into the royal lifestyle as they have witnessed 13 generations of The heads of the royal family living in them and later after being converted into a hotel many international dignitaries, celebrities, heads of state have had memorable experiences during their stay in these Prestige Suites.