Consider having your wedding on a holiday weekend. Try to offload as much responsibility as possible on professionals that have experience so that you don't have to experiment much on critical issues and hence you are free to actually enjoy the event yourself as much as your guest because generally end up making the vent stressful by trying to do everything themselves where they actually are not very experienced hence rely more on the professional recommendations and you select your choices.

Try to keep an additional day for festivities (and/or relaxation after the main event). You may even want to consider having your nuptials on the most auspicious astrological time , Ensure you do something to relax and calm your nerves before the main event: get a massage, take a yoga class, watch a movie, take a brisk walk, read a book or write in a journal. Whatever it is, let your mind take a break from the main event.


This season's trendiest runway hues are orange and aqua. All shades are acceptable, but the bolder the better. For the fashion-forward brides, consider using these hues in your table linens, centerpieces or even guest dresses as colour in dresses adds to the photographs which eventually capture the memories for lifetime.

There is a possibility to get the dresses in local Rajasthan attire made and ordered for guest in Jaipur as there are some best fabric and zari work since centuries that have been pulling people from all over the world to get the dresses made in Jaipur for special occasions and weddings the hotel can assist you with link to best designers and boutiques to handle this.

Traditional large centerpieces, such as tall vases or candelabra, are out. Today, they are being replaced with clusters of different size and shape small arrangements embellished with clusters of decorative candles of all sizes. Many of these looks are streamlined with one of one-of-a-kind blossoms. Today's room designs should be on all shapes and sizes. Try using a combination of squares, rectangles and round dining tables to create more interest in the room. Soft seating vignettes in monochromatic colors are perfect for the cocktail hour.

The latest trend is polished antique design silverware for high class functions and in china for good elegant functions the trend is small in size and big in style. Consider using our old silverware or alternative china with geometrical shapes to highlight each course. Try starting your meal with an amuse-bouche (chef's teaser). These small dishes are a great way to prepare your palette for the meal ahead.

Be the first of your friends to add a "pre-dessert" to your wedding. This hot new trend is the bridge between the savory entree and a sweet dessert. Being a transitional course, we combine elements normally associated with savory foods, but in sweet combinations. Some examples are Fruit Kulfi, strawberry soup, olive oil ice cream with roasted figs, etc. This is sure to get the mind and taste buds ready for the much-awaited course wedding cake!

Post Reception

Post-reception snacks for your guests are a big hit after a long night of dancing. This is another area where the bride and groom's personality can be carried through the event as a fond farewell. Some suggestions are:

Kebabs, Mini burgers, mini french fries and small soda

Box of popcorn with a movie theatre at Manoranjan

Petite box of donuts