The Palace Suites are specialty suites and offers the complete Royal apartment blocks within the Palace which include two bedrooms, Living and Dining room. They are the private Pavilions within the Palace. The finest Palace furniture is in real gold , silver or Antique. The suite has display of finest royal art collection in its private museums and offers either private terrace or Private Durbar.

The Suite comes with discreet Check-ins and butlers off-Course, and our well trained butlers know how to pamper you , keeping your privacy in mind. A favorite of visiting dignitaries and high powered CEOs alike, this is one suite that – just like its namesake – succeeds in making a big impression, with a massage pool and butler service thrown in for good measure. Let’s take a quick look at our very exclusive two bedroom Palace suites.

Durbar Mahal Suite

The Durbar Mahal Suite apartment was used by the Thakur Sahab himself. It overlooks the inner courts of the palaces, & combines a double-height reception room with vaulted apartments intended for private use. It was a sleeping chamber for the Thakur Sahib and its luxurious ornamentation includes Gold leafed painted walls , Stucco and mirror work. It has a Overhanging Jharokas towards Charbagh from where he used to give first public appearance. The furniture is in gold and silver. It has a private passage connecting the different pavilions and the Zenana.

Beyond the celebrated Durbar which is now renovated —A grand and intimate décor affirms its reputation. The bathrooms are now equipped with leading technology and can adapt to your needs. The suite glimmers in gold leaf, stucco, ivory, silver, ornate mirrors and furniture, and Italian marble floors. The Highlight of the Suite is a private museum displaying the Old Throne and Bolsters of The Thakur Sahib.

Jhanki Mahal Suite

Royal architecture had to provide suitable settings for private pleasures where monarchs could meet with their queens and concubines. Miniature paintings executed at the Mughal and Rajput courts gave a good idea of the erotic life of the court. An often repeated scene shows the royal figure at night accompanied by one or more female consorts seated in an upper pavilion of the palace, or laying on a terrace beneath an awning. Cushions are spread out and there are cups for wine and other intoxicating drinks, as well as strays filled with fruits and sweetmeats. Female attendants, discreetly posed to one side, are present even at the most intimate moments. Storm clouds with lightning and distant views of forests with flying birds enhance the erotic aspects of the scene.

The suite is a full floor apartment with a private roof top Terrace which gives a panoramic view of the city and a Small Jacuzzi Swimming pool , the suite size is 5000 sq fts. This spacious suite has large soft seating lounge, a private bar and study area and an elegant dining complete with a separate entrance for the staff , it also has a Room attached for the maids or staff member accompanying the guests, adjoining the pleasure pavilion. The two bedrooms are laid with rich antique wooden furniture and two luxurious bathrooms, the dining and lounge has the capacity of seating for eight people. The suite overlooks the private terrace and Charbagh gardens. And its magnificent terrace – to eat, drink, sunbathe, share cocktails with your best friends, lie in the pool and look at the stars or simply to stare in wonder at the Aravali hill ranges. This has one of the most mesmerizing panoramic views of Jaipur city.