How can our personalities show through our invitations?

While traditional verbiage is still used in today's invitations, more and more couples are allowing their personalities to show in the type of paper stock, typeface and color choice. A big trend today is the use of a logo developed just for the big event which can be used throughout the wedding, beginning with the invitation.

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Are wedding favors necessary?

While it is not necessary, it is always a nice token of appreciation for sharing your wedding day. Customary table favors are set either 1 per person, 1 per couple or alternating two coordinated items. Always ensure the items selected are thoughtful and memorable to the event. In lieu of a table favors, couples are also choosing to offer parting treats as a fond farewell.

Is it acceptable to allow my bridal attendants to select their own dresses?

While it is traditional to have the bride's attendants in the same attire, today we are seeing more brides giving their attendants independence to select a style that is flattering to their figure and personality within a specific hue.

What do I do if I do not want children at my wedding?

It's not appropriate to make sweeping statements on your invitations. Instead make sure your invitations are addressed explicitly with only the names of the guests invited. As back-up, you should also pre-arrange for a children's hospitality suite with nanny service at the wedding venue.

How can I communicate to my guests that I would prefer them to donate to my favourite charity in lieu of a gift?

While the tradition of gift giving is a social norm, it is completely optional for your guests. If you want your guests to donate to a charity or the cause of your choice in lieu of a gift, you can include this on your personal wedding website or through word of mouth by family and friends. Never include this information on your save the date cards or invitations.

What do I do if the bride and groom have different cultures/religions?

In interfaith marriages, the cultural and religious traditions from both the bride and groom are often incorporated into the ceremony. This gesture symbolizes the new unity of faith between the couple while paying tribute to both heritages.

Is Champagne the only beverage used for toasts?

While champagne is the traditional beverage used in toasts, today's fashion forward brides are customizing the beverage to accommodate their favorite libation, seasonal drink or lifestyle/cultural family heritage. For example, naming a martini after the bride's dog who could not attend the wedding.

Does my wedding cake have to be white?

Today, it is totally acceptable to have various colors, shapes and sizes. Many couples are opting for individual cakes, cupcakes, or a dessert that represents the bride and groom's personality such as an ice cream bar, pie station, fondue display, Viennese table, ethnic pastries, etc.

How long do I have to send out my thank you cards?

Ideally, you would send thank you notes throughout the pre-wedding period as you receive gifts. A timely thank you is proper etiquette, so the sooner the better; however, it is never too late to be gracious. Remember to personalize the thank you note specific to the gift or include a memory from the big day.

Who should plan the honeymoon?

In the past, the groom was known to plan the honeymoon; however, today it is viewed as a grand vacation and is planned by both the bride and groom. This includes all of the research, making the reservation and arranging all of the details prior to your departure (i.e. children, pets, mail delivery, house sitting arrangements, etc.).

Why Pre and Post wedding social celebrations?

It is thought necessary to have a pre and post wedding celebrations so that the guest from both Bride and groom families get familiar with each other enjoy the wedding to the utmost with a sense of belonging and not feel lost with strange faces .

Wedding Speeches?

Wedding Cake?

Save the Date?

Why Farewell Meals?

There is a trend of having a farewell brunch as this gives the finishing touches to the whole function the guest can be gifted with a quick edit Video and Photo DVD as a token of memory and thanks