Joining together with friends and family for The Raj Palace wedding will likely be one of the most joyous occasions of your life. But, what's even better, is the reception that follows. The dining, dancing and laughter with your friends relatives and your beloved. Come join us for the casual to the most formal receptions with best entertainment and layouts.

  • Sagai/ Engagement
  • Youngster’s Party/ After Party
  • Mehandi
  • Sangeet
  • Tel Baan
  • Haldi

Sagai Samaroh :In Hindu Indian Wedding Sagai (Engagement) is a very important ceremony in which the bride and the groom exchange their rings, which means that now both of them are connected with each other and cannot leave each other. We do this Samaroh (Ceremony) on Central Square with Flower Decoration and Fireworks to make the whole ceremony an extraordinary event.

Tikka: The engagement or 'Tikka' ceremony takes place in the groom's house and only the bride's father, brothers and other close relatives attend this all-male affair. The ceremony is so called because the bride's brother applies a 'tilak' to the groom's forehead making the engagement official. There are many gifts given during this function and include a sword, clothes, fruits, and sweets.

Mehandi Raat: This ceremony is done in the night time when the henna artist applies Mehandi (Henna) on the hands of both Bride and the Groom which in Hindu Dharma is a very auspicious ceremony .We decorate special Jhoola for this with Silver Chair on all sides The Groom and the Bride sits on the Jhoola and the Henna artists on Silver Chair to apply Mehandi. The ceremony can be planned in day or evening time followed by a lavish meal. This is done in all types of Indian Wedding may it be Hindu/ Muslim/ Sikh or Gujrati Wedding.

Sangeet Sandhya: This ceremony shows the joy and happiness of the relatives of the bride and the groom and the feelings become so high that they show their feelings by singing and dancing. We suggest our Poolside Lawns (Maharani Bagh) as the perfect location for this function and we made a special layout of Gadda, Masand Seating for the guest with colorful theme for this ceremony with big Dance Stage and One Reception Stage for Bride and Groom The entertainment parties are a very important part in this. This ceremony can be preceded with more of live food counters and colorful theme

Youngster's Party: This would be for a young slot of the wedding party with informal cocktail dresses for ladies and casual dressing for men, the party could be planned on the terrace with a foot tapping music of the DJ and a snacky meal with wines and spirits

Tilak and Choora Ceremony: Various auspicious items are required on this day that includes coconut, dry dates, sugar and money and these are sent to the groom's family. It is also called the Tilak ceremony, which is performed by a bhaiji or preacher from the Gurudwara who first reads the hymn, offers a date to the groom and applies tilak on his forehead, marking the engagement. After the tilak ceremony, the groom's father sends gifts of clothes, sugar, coconut, rice, jewelry and henna to the bride. Similarly the bride's father also offers gifts to the groom and his family members. Another important pre wedding ritual involves the bangle ceremony or the choora ceremony, which is held at the bride's place where the maternal uncle and aunt of the bride put white and red bangles on the bride's wrists. Light ornaments of beaten silver and gold called kalira are tied to the bangles.

Rehearsal Dinner with Live Music / DJ and Cocktails: Dinner and cocktails can be served to have a pre celebration of the wedding party. The suitable venue for this would be pool side gardens of The Raj Palace. The function can be made lively with the Live Band or a DJ and a big wine List of across the world

Reception/ Cake Cutting with Champagne toast at The Raj Palace: The Raj Palace has various beautiful locations where we can plan the wedding reception followed by cocktails and Gala Dinner. The wedding cake will be cut and the servers of The Raj Palace will be ready for the grand champagne toast for the newly wedded couple and the guests

Farewell Brunch: We can plan a very special farewell brunch in one of our courtyards just before vidaai so that people can have a lavish buffet and then they can proceed for their next destinations